Atomic Hand Flasher


Caution: This is a flash fire effect, and caution must be exercised in handling. It is not for use by minors, or beginners. It is a prop designed for professional performers, familiar with handling similar effects. We accept no responsibility for accidents from its wrong use.
This is a gimmick designed to add a dramatic flash to your magic routines.
The next time you cut and restore a rope, or fuse torn pieces of paper into the complete piece, or cause the torn corner of a card to fuse to the original card, you can have this happen with a dramatic flash that adds greatly to the visual impact of the magic. The uses are limited only by your imagination. Once you start using the gimmick, you will find a permanent place for it in your act, whether close-up or stage.
The gimmick we supply consists of a sturdy metal ignition container. The metal container has a flint striking mechanism attached. Fill this with loosely crumpled flash paper or flash cotton, strike the wheel, and the contents go up in a flash! Easy to strike and easy to operate! Includes small starter pack of flash cotton. USA only!

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