Invisible Deck with Book - Bicycle


The magician removes from his pocket an “invisible” imaginary deck of cards. Going through the motions of having a real deck he shuffles the cards and has the spectator select a card and reverse it in the deck. He then produces a real deck of cards from his pocket. Spreading the cards, one card is found reversed in the deck - it is the same card the spectator merely thought of!

The Invisible Deck is a real reputation maker. It looks like real magic. Most importantly, it’s easy to do. The step-by-step instructions in the included booklet will give you all the tips and tricks for using your Invisible Deck. You will learn basic routines as well as professional effects.

Inside this book you will find 30 tips and tricks including:
The Classic Routine
Projected Thoughts
Perfect Match
Psychic Phenomenon
Two Card Coincidence
Unseen Forces
...And much, much more!

Bicycle Poker Deck with booklet

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