Ghost Ring - The Ultimate P.K. Ring and Accessory Kit


Imagine being able to control objects with the power of your mind. Stop time, make small objects vanish or change with the wave of your hands. Perform incredible cup and ball routines with a borrowed cup. You will be able to do all that and more with the powerful P.K. Ghost Ring. Control objects magically with the powerful P.K. Ghost Ring. Includes precision made P.K. Ring, magnetic crocheted ball, matching regular ball, a steel penny shell, a mini penny, a small neodymium magnet, two metal rings, a piece of rope and detailed instructions with over 25 tips and tricks with the Ghost Ring. The Ghost Ring is a state of the art magnetic finger ring that can help you perform some incredible effects. Available in gold, silver and black tribal. In three sizes - Regular (19 mm), Large (21 mm) and Extra Large (23 mm) Small (17 mm) available as well in black tribal design only. each/full color box with accessories

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