Miser Miracle - Bob Solari


Performer is holding a stainless steel bucket in one hand. Performer reaches in the air with the other hand and plucks a half dollar out of this air. The half dollar is dropped into the steel bucket. Audience can hear the coin being dropped into the bucket. The performer asks an audience member to guess how many coins are in the cup. The audience member replies, “six?” or “seven?”. The performer answers “No, just one big half.” With that the performer makes an upward motion with the bucket and a single giant half dollar coin jumps out of the cup and into the air!

Great demo item for clowns, magicians and Santas! So easy to do. Includes Stainless Steel Coin Pail, 3 inch Jumbo chrome plated Half Dollar and Bob's easy coin producing gimmick with chrome plated Half Dollar!


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  • Model: CM-MIS