Two-Headed Prediction


Two heads are better than one! Especially when they're attached at the neck! Check out the pictures and the video trailer! Christopher T. Magician's Two-Headed Prediction, from his best selling book "Just For Fun," is now available at AmazeKids.

What's in the box?

  • A Two-Headed Zebra/Giraffe that stands 10" high
  • A Hilarious Double-butt Zebra/Giraffe that stands 4" high
  • A set of custom-illustrated animal cards
  • 15-minute instruction video by Christopher T. Magician
  • Chris's original routine

The 5-minute routine starts with a rigged game show style interaction between the kids and adults. You can choose who's going to win and, we promise, the process is hilarious. Then you steer the action towards the prediction you have in the bag as you have two animal cards "randomly" selected. Does your prediction match the selections! Of course -- in the most imaginative way possible! The kids go crazy when then see your reveal--the oh-so-cute, two-headed giraffe/zebra and its sidekick, the matching double-butt.

Kids love animals and kids love magic. So magic with these darling, yet bizarre, stuffed animals will get you double the love and double the impact when you perform Christopher T. Magician's "Two-Headed Prediction."

Note: It has brought to our attention by Chipper Lowell and others that he’s been performing an almost identical effect for years.

By buying the Two-Headed Prediction, you are only buying Chris routine for these props. Despite the conceptual similarities between this routine and Chipper’s, buying the Two-Headed Prediction in no way gives you any performance rights to any portion of Chipper’s routine, including scripting, blocking, props, etc.

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